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You will be the hero of your trip

Independent, intrepid, jubilant, funny, spontaneous WOMAN……, ready to set out on an adventure and become an icon of a new generation of trips for women. This is the WOMAN we are looking for, a WOMAN anxious to discover the World and anxious for the World to be discovered by a WOMAN´s eyes!!.

Make a break on your day a day and live and unique and once-in-a-life-time experience (adventures, culture, shopping, shows, fun….). WE ARE HERE to help You!!. There are many reasons that can motivate You to travel with other women: for fun, in lack of good company, to meet new people, for being sick of traveling with “cranky” couples….!!. We plan a taylor made trip based on women´s needs and trends and we organize everything to help You to set out TOGETHER on a trip with feminine spirit full of mutual understanding and fun.

We plan your trip, taylor made experiences for You to travel with other Women. Be only worried about having fun. Do not still want to!!.



Victoria Falls, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe & Johanesburg.  

July – August 2018

If you are an adventurous woman with a desire to discover Africa in a different way, come with CRIS&KIM Travel Designers and be captivated from South Africa, one of the bigest natural spectacles of the Planet. We propose you a trip full of fun, complicity, laughter and experiences that you will never forget.


Sri Lanka

travel sri lanka with Cris and Kim


The tear of India


Few Countries in the World offer such a variety of possibilities for a journey as SRI LANKA does. This amazing Island has everything to offer: History, Culture, Ruins, Heritage, National Parks, Wild Animals, Beaches and Mountains.


If you are an adventurous woman with enthusiasm in discovering SRI LANKA from a different point of view, come with CRIS & KIM Travel Designersand let this amazing Country captures You.  We propose a trip full of fun, complicity, laughs and experiences that you will never forget.


Come with me before everybody gets there


Travel around the country as if you were the first traveller, taste one of the most famous gastronomies in Central America, discover historic colonial villages surrounded by impressive volcanos… These are some of the reasons why you should visit NICARAGUA!!.


If you are an adventurous woman with enthusiasm in discovering NICARAGUA from a different point of view, come with CRIS & KIM Travel Designers and let this amazing Country captures you. We propose a trip full of fun, complicity, laughs and experiences that you will never forget.


Which is yours?

It is said to be the enchanted city, populated by seekers, eager anonimous beats of something intangible. Some people say is the big dreams factory, others that is like an unsolved Rubik´s cube.
For any reason it is called “the cement jungle”.
Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island are the 5 districts of this vibrant city. Each of them with its own protagonists and thousands of stories happening in their streets at every moment. For this reason it is said that there are “1 thousand New Yorks” and each one of You will have the opportunity to find yours with the help of CRIS & KIM TRAVEL DESIGNERS.

Have you ever dreamed with being on “Carrie´s Manolos” and feel like her for one day?. A Hotel in Manhattan, a picnic at Central Park, a trendy night club with “cool” poeple, a photoshooting on the 5th Avenue…., these and too many more things are waiting for us!!.


You will be the hero of your “memories”

Get the view over the Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro, be close to more than 50 years old elephants with huge fangs, enjoy and amazing sunset at Sinya (home of some Masai Villages), listening to “moranis” leyends close the fire under the stars…

Watching wild animals during sunrise, having a light breakfast with the first rays of sun, “hunting” with your camera the most stunning colors, smellings and sounds of Africa, having a relaxing shower in your tent, sitting next to the pond waiting for “them” to come for drinking, recording in your retins one the most impressive sunsets in the World….., those are some of the experiences that CRIS & KIM TRAVEL DESIGNERS propone for this amazing trip to Tanzania.

África is an spectacle on itself, it has been and will be the setting of unforgettable cinematographic scenes. Who doesn´t remember how Robert Redford washed Meryl Streep head close to the river…..!!. It is a Continent that attracts and captures, a land full of adventures and dreams.

Come with us and discover the magic of this territory.


Mystery between pagodas

Get to the majestic Shwedagon pagoda, feel de mystery of Bagan, get lost in thge Nyaung Ol market, get along the river, go up to Mahagandayon Monastery and learn about the Sagaing Monks traditions, get the view over the impressive “Gold Birmania” in Manadaly with its hundreds of setups…

It is called “The Land of Gold”, an exotic destination full of shiny pagodas that enclose a kind of mystery.. Land of beautiful nature, mystic mountains, long white sand beaches, impressive rivers and lakes, delicious food, unique weather…. But, what really makes the Heritage of this land are the Natives of inocent smile and good heart whom you will be in love since you arrive. A trip that will become and experience difficult to forget
CRIS & KIM TRAVEL DESIGNERS propones a special trip to discover this enigmatic Land.

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