The “Tacita de Plata” (little silver bowel) is considered the oldest city of the West.

Founded in 1100 BC by the Phoenicians, a fishing village that would become Gadir, an important trading colony where Romans, Visigoths, Carthaginians, and Muslims would settle later.

A cosmopolitan and open city, Columbus chose its port as a starting point for his second voyage to the New World.

CRIS&KIM TRAVEL DESIGNERS proposes you get to know the city of Cadiz as an extension of a visit to  Sevilla. We will visit the old town, the impressive fish and vegetable market, and cross by ferry to El Puerto de Santa Maria, where we visit one of the old bodegas and have a wine tasting. Back to Cadiz later for tapas in its friendly bars, and have a coffee or tea at a cafe that will leave us speechless!!

The rich province of Cadiz has so much to offer, and we will design the ideal route for you, depending on your interests and time available.

Jerez, the horse carriage museum, horse exhibition at the Royal School, with private visits to bodegas and palaces, and authentic flamenco shows. The White Towns of Andalucia, together with tastings of olive oils, wines and local cheeses. Whale and dolphin watching in the Straits of Gibraltar. Witness the Almadraba of red tuna in Barbate (according to the season it may be possible to see it from a fishing boat as the tuna enter the nets), leaning the way tuna is prepared for the table, and then enjoy a tasting of tapas made from the fish.

Getting to know the life of the fighting bull in the wild, accompanied by livestock experts; we’ll spend a day in the country, seeing how the animals are bred and selected for the bullfights, everything that involves the world of bullfighting. Enjoy a capea where a real bullfighter talks about his art, what it means and what he feels. And eat exquisite rice with partridge or rabbit outside under centenaries oaks trees.

El Puerto de Santa Maria y sus Bodegas, Jerez a medida, La Vida del Toro Bravo, Ronque del Atún en Brabate, Ruta de los Pueblos Blancos, viajes a medida a cadiz, viajes andalucía

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