Chile: From North to South

Chile: From North to South

The precise origin of the meaning of the word Chile is unknown, although there are several hypotheses, and we like best the one that  comes from the Quechua term chili, ‘the cream of the earth,’ as in the country’s 4.270 km length and 445km width we can find such a diversity of climate, landscape, culture, gastronomic variety, as well as a thousand of things to do, it is difficult to combine everything in one trip.

The driest place on earth, the Atacama Desert, is the north. There we will do several activities such as walks in the mountains to find small villages hidden in the ravines, cycling and horse riding, picnics in the arid mountains, visits to archaeological sites, see the geysers and relax in the hot springs ……

In the Central Valley is the cosmopolitan city of Santiago and the great Chilean vineyards.

The best known National Park of Chilean Patagonia, the Torres del Paine, offers scenery, nature and all types of activities. Impressive.

Easter Island, a five-hour flight from Santiago, where the imposing stone figures called “Moai” still remain a mystery; who built them, how and why. We wrap ourselves in the aura of this mysterious island and enjoy its landscapes and outdoor picnics, thanks to its pleasant climate throughout the year.

Best time of year to travel

November to March

Duration of trip

14 nights

Time Difference

Four hours less than in Spain

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