India: Rajasthan

India: Rajasthan

India has a smell, a colour and a special flavor, the same as they say Seville has. For us it is a unique destination that everyone should experience at least once in their lives …. It is true that India gets under your skin; who goes there without wanting to return?

There are different ways of getting to know the country, with more luxury or with less, jumping on a plane or crossing it by car or motorbike, interacting with people, or as a mere tourist, more focussed on shopping ….

We can eat with local families, ride on elephants to the middle of the jungle, and find a dinner prepared in the light of candles, go to a show of Bollywood, arrive early at the Taj Mahal and see dawn as the mist rises from the river, join a safari to find one of the few remaining tigers in India ….

We suggest you make a unique trip tailored to each person as a first contact with India, starting in the North with Rajasthan, sure to never leave you indifferent.

Best time of year to travel

All the year

Length of trip

10 nights

Time Difference

Four hours and a half more than Spain