Panama: The Pearl Of Central America

Panama: The Pearl Of Central America

Panama has always been known for two things: its famous canal and Panama hats (which are actually made in Ecuador). But this country surprises us every day; it is much more than a great metropolis with Ferraris running around. It is a great country that is promoting itself very well as a destination for eco-tourism, with thousands of unique experiences available to every traveller.

Panama is the big bet of CRIS & KIM this year, and we adore it.

For a couple of days we stay in the city of Panama, where we can see how the impressive canal locks work, and then go to visit the Embera tribe.

Forty minutes flight north we can enjoy the mountains in the area of Boquete. Sightings of birds, hiking, rafting, canopy, are some of the activities on the programme, and we can even enjoy the coffee that Queen Elizabeth II of England drinks daily in a local coffee plantation that sends it to her every month. The coastal area of Boca Chica will also leave us speechless … .so we suggest crossing by boat to some of the small islands where we organise picnics on deserted islands, snorkelling and whale watching if it is the time for it (September-December) For those who like to sail this is possible from November to May: nothing better than to visit at Islas de San Blas (365 day a year, no more and no less), still governed by the Kuna tribe with its own laws and beliefs … the whole experience!!

Best time of year to travel

December to May

Length of trip

10-12 nights

Time Difference

Six hours less than in Spain