Myanmar: The Exclusivity Of Authencity

Myanmar: The Exclusivity Of Authencity

There are few countries in the world that are as pure and authentic as Myanmar, where you can enjoy the views, tastes and smells.

We begin our adventure at Lake Inle which is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. It’s surrounded by red mountains and tomato growers and make their living from the lake and what it offers including fishermen who use very flat handmade boats. Buddhist monks occupy the many temples scattered around the lake and religion is a large part of life in Myanmar. Even as a tourist, I discovered the thousand and one temples that make you think and meditate. The setting possesses a mystical beauty with some of the most beautiful sunsets ever seen.

In Mandalay, we got to know the customs of the monks, watched the best silks in the country being produced and travelled throughout the city on a tricycle.

In Inle, we discovered how the people near the lake live and cultivate the land, explored villages and markets, took care of the women who make the “purity” of the lake and walked through the red mountains to find the Pao tribe. We finished the day with a gin and tonic in hand while we watched the sunset over our elegant red teak boat.

In Bagan, we wandered among the temples, visited the most important monuments, markets and a lacquer factory, and watched the sun set from the top of a temple. A haze enveloped everything and from afar we could hear the mantras of Buddhist monks. It felt so precious.

Time difference

Four and a half hours more than in Spain

Travel time

10 nights

Best time of year to travel

October to April

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