he best plans for these coming holidays

09 Oct he best plans for these coming holidays

We are close to vacations and long weekends, days that we can take advantage of to travel with our families and friends. Traveling is possible and we will advise you where, how and when: Kenya, Italy, South Africa, Greece, Zambia, Turkey, Sao Tome, Barbados, St. Lucia… are some of the destinations to which we can already travel from Spain, but today we want to talk about 2 destinations to which our customers have already travelled and returned so happy! Their experience in the destination have been amazing, since there are no people in the airports, the flights and customs are almost empty…. and when they arrive at the Lodges they are attended like kings…Imagine doing a Safari alone in the Masai Mara!!!!!! Come on, now is the time to go!!!!




If you have always dreamed of going on a Safari and sharing that experience with your family or friends, now is the time! Empty airports, flights with few passengers, customs open and fast…. And once there you will find National Parks without tourists… the Maasai Mara plains just for you!!!!!! And all the accommodations with open arms waiting for you!



We are recommending 6 nights in Kenya, combining two very authentic lodges that we love; they are private concessions, managed by English families that have been living in Kenya for 3 generations, who know the area better than anyone else and know how to make you feel at home, safe and comfortable. Small places with few rooms and where the most important thing is the experience you will take back home.



Imagine walking with the Masais along the riverbank, tracking a lion that came down to drink last night… imagine the excitement… imagine a bonfire, everyone sitting around it with a good glass of wine in hand, while listening to the stories told by the elders of the village… A dream that we can make come true, now it is possible to travel!!!!




In the Maldives Islands are probably the best beaches in the world.

The Indian Ocean here offers beaches of fine, white sand like talcum powder, surrounded by turquoise waters and lush vegetation. A paradise that once you know you don’t want to leave and you just think when you will come back…


The waters of the Maldives Islands hide a universe of coral reefs, full of life, you can’t imagine what’s down there when you look from above; with just a pair of goggles and some flippers, from the very shore you’ll see mantarrays, sea turtles, reef sharks (they won’t eat you) and a thousand species of fish of the most incredible colors you can imagine!



We suggest flying with Turkish Airlines via Istanbul and staying 6 nights in a nice resort or combining 2 resorts.

All accommodations are strict with all safety regulations. Being such small islands, taking your PCR and having the staff so controlled with tests every 5 days, it is a real space “COVID FREE”!!!!!



We can talk about 1000 accommodations, there are so many, but depending on the plan, what you like to do (if you dive to have a good house reef is essential), the budget, the look of the place… we will help you to find your “ideal hotel”.

Let us help you, now more than ever our work as experts in travel is more necessary, we are every day aware of where you can travel, what tests you need to take, what to do in advance and most importantly, what you will find when you arrive there.

Cristina De Leyva
Cristina De Leyva
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